Website Builder


How to choose a good website builder for your new site

There are several things you should consider when hiring a website builder to build a new site for you.

Things that will help ensure you are happy with your new site, and not left wishing you had hire someone else.

How much experience do they have? — Some of the best website builder have been in business for a decade or more, and prove that when they design a new site.

Ask any website builder you are interested in hearing how long they have been in business, and what they put their longevity down to.

Not just a pretty site but a fast one too — When you hire a website builder, you want to be sure they not only have experience in creating a nice looking site, but also understand how to build a fast one.

After all, Google and other search engines are taking site speed into consideration when placing sites in higher positions in their search results. That is one reason why you want to be sure your new site is fast.

Social media ready — A good design company that is going to build your site should also understand about social media, how to properly implement it on your site and why your site needs to use it as much as possible.

Quiz any company you may hire about social media to make sure they understand its importance.

Building a brand — The right design company should also understand the importance of building a brand, and how your website is not only an extension of that brand but also a promoter of it.

That is why you should only hire a company that can design a site that fits perfectly within your brand. If not, a site design that is so far removed from your brand image could cause you more harm than good.


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