Web Design Trends in 2019

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Less Is Still More

As we get settled into 2019, there are some web design trends that are beginning to stand out. Carrying over from 2018 is the idea that less is more is still going to be prominent in the new year. Websites are leaning more to a flat design. Not only because of the idea of opening spaces, clean, bright colors, and simple illustrations are appealing to the eye, websites that keep to a minimalistic approach also load faster. This is also important because there is nothing worse than waiting for a site to upload.

In 2019, we will see a lot more use of white space. White space is being used to make pages less cluttered. This technique is also being used as a separator and as a way to purposely direct viewers to certain sections on a page. Viewers also find pages that use white space easier to read and to find the key information.


Technology will play an important role in 2019. Chat bots will continue to be a popular addition to websites. However, in 2019, they will have more personality. Not only will they look more like humans, but they will also interact more like humans too.

Animated GIFs will continue to be in the spotlight. Designers understand they only have a short amount of time to grab someone’s attention. GIFs can be designed to deliver a large amount of information quickly while keeping their audience entertained and engaged. Also, GIFS will open on mobile devices and in most browsers.

In 2019, Photoshop will begin to take a backseat. Many companies and designers are using Sketch as their main software. Sketch was created with the web designer in mind. Designers can go from design to prototype to client presentation all in one spot, to know the latest trends and news come visit website design Knoxville.

How to pick the right website builder in Knoxville for your new site

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Building a website in Knoxville, Tennessee nowadays is not just about putting up a website and hoping people find it. Instead, it requires a fast site, an in-depth social media campaign and the right online business directory listings that will all work together to help people find you.

That is why choosing the right website builder in Knoxville is so important.

Experience is key — A website builder in Knoxville with experience is always going to be better than someone that is new to the game. After all, this type of company has seen all the changes that have happened online since the 1990s and know what to do to adapt.

A company with a strong presence — Look at the company’s website and their social media accounts before falling for a hard sales pitch. Does their own website rank well with Google? Do they have social media accounts with tens of thousands of followers? If not, how are they going to get those for you?

A company with the right design aesthetic — There are as many ways to design a website as there are websites out there.

Make sure you choose a website builder in Knoxville that has the same or a similar design aesthetic to what you want. Otherwise, you may just end up with a website you hate.

A company that listens to your needs — When having your website designed, you should always hire a company that listens to your needs and then incorporates them into the site design.

Remember, you are the person who is going to be running the site long after the website builder has moved on to something else. That means it should be a site that you like, and that you feel comfortable using.

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Website Builder


How to choose a good website builder for your new site

There are several things you should consider when hiring a website builder to build a new site for you.

Things that will help ensure you are happy with your new site, and not left wishing you had hire someone else.

How much experience do they have? — Some of the best website builder have been in business for a decade or more, and prove that when they design a new site.

Ask any website builder you are interested in hearing how long they have been in business, and what they put their longevity down to.

Not just a pretty site but a fast one too — When you hire a website builder, you want to be sure they not only have experience in creating a nice looking site, but also understand how to build a fast one.

After all, Google and other search engines are taking site speed into consideration when placing sites in higher positions in their search results. That is one reason why you want to be sure your new site is fast.

Social media ready — A good design company that is going to build your site should also understand about social media, how to properly implement it on your site and why your site needs to use it as much as possible.

Quiz any company you may hire about social media to make sure they understand its importance.

Building a brand — The right design company should also understand the importance of building a brand, and how your website is not only an extension of that brand but also a promoter of it.

That is why you should only hire a company that can design a site that fits perfectly within your brand. If not, a site design that is so far removed from your brand image could cause you more harm than good.

Picking the Right Website Builder

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If you want to create a website you need a website builder. The days of trying to learn programming languages for website development are somewhat antiquated. You do not need to spend all of your time trying to learn about the different types of codes that are utilized for developing web pages. You need a website builder Knoxville that is going to allow you to create these websites fast and efficiently.

Picking The Right Website Builder

When you have a desire to build a website you need to make sure that you are picking the right type of builder based on the needs that you have. Some people may only need basic HTML type pages for paragraphs and pictures. These are the simpler websites that do not have a lot of special menus for navigation or any type of extras.

If you want to create a website you need a website builder. The days of trying to learn programming languages for website development are somewhat antiquated.

If you want a website that is going to be more complex you should consider a website builder that is going to provide JavaScript or flash-based type of animation. This is something that has been popular down through the years because there are things like hover buttons and bloating images that are more complex to program.

You can get a website developer program that has these types of elements, but it is naturally going to cost you more. There are a number of different options for people to consider, and that makes it possible to find a website build a program that will make your life easier.

Updating Your Website

When you get a website builder program you want to make sure that you have the program that is easy to utilize. If it is something that is very complex to use you may find yourself walking through the steps all over again just to update your website.